08 Nov 2022

3 Tips to Help Maintain Basic Hygiene Standards in Strata Buildings

Living in strata buildings has several benefits, including easy access to certain facilities, efficient use of space, and much more. However, living with shared facilities can also be challenging from a cleaning and hygiene perspective. When living in the same community as many other residents, you may notice that not everyone keeps to the same standards regarding hygiene.

It’s never been more critical to have a strong regard for hygiene standards in your strata building in the wake of Covid-19. So, to help you do this, Inside Outside Facility Services have compiled this complete guide to help keep your strata building clean and tidy.


Why is maintaining basic hygiene standards in strata buildings necessary?

Maintaining basic hygiene standards in a strata building is increasingly important. Many people move in and out of these complexes daily. With so many hands touching surfaces, rubbish and dirt accumulating, residents and building managers need to maintain strict hygiene standards to limit the accumulation of grime and germs.

Maintaining basic hygiene standards is also essential in controlling pest activity within a strata community. The build-up of rubbish, dirty waste receptacles, improper use of communal areas and other hygiene hazards can attract pests like mice and rats. These pose a significant hygiene risk due to carrying diseases and leaving droppings throughout complexes (not to mention making your living space less desirable and enjoyable).

Ensuring that strata buildings maintain hygiene is vital from an infection control perspective. With many people sharing the same facilities such as laundry areas, gyms and lifts, the accumulation of germs can lead to the quick spread of coughs and colds!


Steps to maintain hygiene standards

To help you maintain good hygiene standards, here are some steps you can take:


1. Discard your rubbish responsibly

Using the appropriate waste management services and ensuring you don’t leave rubbish in communal areas is an excellent way to better your hygiene standards. This reduces the amount of potential food waste or nesting material left for pests to accumulate and ensures rubbish doesn’t pollute communal gardens.

Inside Outside Facility Services offers a comprehensive waste management service that includes bin movement and rotation, hard waste removal and bin washing. We provide these services seven days a week, meaning our team of experts can safeguard your hygiene and well-being at all times.


2. Use a regular cleaning service

While cleaning your own lot is important, ensuring that your common spaces are kept to a hygienic standard is essential for all residents’ comfort. Cleaning common spaces like lifts, gyms, waste receptacles, benches and any other surface that many people come into contact with can limit the spread of coughs and colds and reduce the amount of dirt and grime left behind at the end of the day.

However, this is quite a task when considering the size of a strata complex, so hiring a cleaning service from Inside Outside Facility Services is a great way to manage strata hygiene. Our team deliver expert cleaning solutions to all strata complexes and perform in-depth quality control to ensure we’re meeting residents’ and building managers’ expected standards.

We have a complete portfolio of providing strata cleaning services to everything from small to large scale complexes, providing daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services.


3. Hire a service that can tend to all your basic hygiene needs

When considering hygiene, it’s also essential to think about daily maintenance tasks like vacuuming, window cleaning, tile scrubbing and carpet cleaning. Make your space livable and hygienic with our help. As a one-stop-shop for these services, we limit the need for hiring individual contractors and managing multiple schedules.

We take pride in our work and focus on fostering long-term relationships with clients to ensure we meet their basic hygiene needs. Contact Inside Outside Facility Services for a free quote and find out how we can improve your strata hygiene!