31 Oct 2022

Celebrate Spring: 3 Ways Our Horticulture Experts Bring Out the Best of Your Garden

Spring is a time to focus on your garden so you can make the most of your time outdoors - watch the trees and flowers burst into bloom. The trouble is, managing a strata community’s garden can be quite an overwhelming task.

With the help of our horticulture specialists, your garden can truly come to life just in time for spring. Keep reading to find out how we can help bring your garden to life this spring.


Why Bring Out the Best of Your Garden?

Whether you have a small, medium, or ample outdoor space, you can always make the most of what you have. A well-kept garden is not only aesthetically pleasing to passersby but also great for mental well-being, offering a place of solitude where you can unwind in nature.

So, how can Inside Outside Facility Services transform your tired space into a haven?


Tree Care

Your average owner is probably unfamiliar with how to take care of their trees. Under the right conditions and with a bit of attention and care, they can thrive. Our in-house team of skilled arborists is fully experienced in all tree maintenance techniques that align with safety standards.

If your strata complex garden has trees, we can assist with everything from stump grinding to branch and tree removal. If there’s one thing we love about springtime, it’s seeing the trees reach full bloom. Perhaps you are interested in planting a blossom tree to brighten your green area - our team can help select the right tree for the space.



We offer landscaping services for those who want to upgrade their garden completely. From paving and fencing to eye-catching flowerbeds and canopied pathways, our team delivers thoughtful design to fit the size and shape of your space and transform it into an oasis.

There is a whole host of options to match your garden’s style, be it traditional, modern and sculptural, or the Mediterranean. Once your garden is prepped and ready to grow, we can provide expert tips and maintenance so you’re never short of greenery.


Grounds Maintenance

Not everybody has their own garden space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors in your residential or communal area. We specialise in professional grounds maintenance for residential and commercial facilities.

Our services include seasonal maintenance schedules, irrigation installation, pest control, herbicide and growth treatment, and more.

We create and deliver lawn care and general gardening that uplift and celebrate the unique features of each property we work with. Whatever your aesthetic or needs, our horticulturists are equipped with garden solutions to get the job done.


Request a Quote

Interested in what we can offer you? Reach out to our team for a quote, and we can soon get your building garden looking stylish. If you’re also keen to get other aspects of your home spring-ready, we offer additional services, including garage vacuuming, window cleaning, and waste management.