Mechanical Floor Scrubbing

IOFS offer a range of auxillary services to keep your complex maintained and your assets looking optimal. One of our available core services is mechanical floor scrubbing, which is an effective method to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your tiles and hard flooring. From tiles to rubber, finished stone or linoleum.

From kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor areas, tiles and quarry materials are a frequently used flooring in all types of complexes. In high traffic common areas and thoroughfares, flooring is subjected to the harshed of conditions and tradional methods of maintenance, like regular mopping may not be enough to keep your hard flooring looking its best.

If your tired hard flooring needs attention, IOFS have the solution. Our surface specific scrubbing equipment and chemical treatment yield amazing results, lifitng the apperance of all types of tiles, hard flooring and quarry surfaces. Reverse the impact of high foot traffic, spills and soiling with our hard flooring maintenance solutions.

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