Work Health & Saftey

IOFS are highly conscious of the need to provide the highest possible standards of work health and safety to all team members and all members of the public. The IOFS approach to WH&S is of sustained development through training and knowledge enhancement of the entire IOFS workforce.

IOFS are also accredited by Trades Monitor complying with all WH&S requirements ensuring that the we can work with all strata management companies, real estate agencies, commercial entities and giving residents and owners alike comfort in knowing the right people are onsite completing the service in the safest possible way.

We are fully compliant with comprehensive workers compensation and public liability insurance. We want all of our clients to have confidence knowing that we have the correct coverage. We understand this is essential in providing a first-class service and believe everybody's safety is an absolute priority. We certify that all persons in any work provided by IOFS will hold:

  • Current occupational health and saftey certifcations appropriate for the work
  • Current workers compensation and public liability insurance.
  • Current licences appropriate to the work being provided.

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