Waste Management

At IOFS, we service complexes of all sizes, providing a range of waste management services for commerical, industrial and residential facilities, such as:

  • Bin Movement/Rotation
  • Hard Waste Removal
  • Bin Washing

When you use IOFS as your waste management company, you won’t have to worry about your rubbish being collected or keeping your bins clean. Our team will manage these critical waste management tasks 7 days a week, to safeguard your hygine and overall appearance of your complex.

We know each business is different, so we’ll partner with you to get a better idea of your particular expectations and any additional needs that you may have. Plus, we cater to a range of company sizes, industries and budgets, with the option to create custom waste management offerings for your organisation.

Connect with our team for more information about waste management services, submit a contact form or give us a call on 1300 858 671

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